Press Release 1.11.16 — Introducing Cutting-Edge Vertical Wall Garden System From Green Thumbs Up, Inc.


Palo Alto, California – Green Thumbs Up, Inc. is set to unveil a new vertical garden solution called Jupiwall, which will be exclusively distributed in the US by Green Thumbs Up Inc. Vertical gardens offer a whole new way of thinking about gardening. This new product will bring gardens to life via ecological and organic design while managing precious space.

Presently, gardens that are grown vertically rather than across a horizontal land surface are the trend among urban gardening enthusiasts. Their prominence is owing to the belief that they make it possible for property owners to plant lots of flowers or crops in a compact area of sq. footage.

One exceptional thing about vertical gardening is you don’t need a sizable backyard – a vertical garden works perfectly on a (compact) wall whether at a traditional home, an office, or on a terrace. But beyond their space-saving capabilities, vertical gardens provide many other benefits.

Some benefits of having vertical gardens

Cleans the outside atmosphere of air-borne pollutants and dust and offsets the carbon footprint of individuals.
Reduces the effects of high urban temperatures and smog
Cleans air space inside the house, removing toxic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene.
Acts as a soundproof buffer
Soil and plants act as a natural filter that cleans the water that flows through the (wall) system.

Vertical gardens are a key feature in today’s landscape engineering. Vertical gardens deliver stunning eco-friendly mural solutions with endless architectural and effective applications. At Green Thumbs Up, Inc., we provide the ideal vertical garden options and designs for all of our customer’s needs.

Green Thumbs Up, Inc. are experts in designing indoor and outdoor vertical gardens both in residential and commercial spaces.

Offering custom designed gardens, consulting services, and redesign plans for your residential and commercial landscape, Green Thumbs Up, Inc.’s team of experts will transform your outdoor spaces into an aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape.
Green Thumbs Up, Inc. Jupiwall System planters will help you quickly and easily create outstanding vertical gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fence or railing.
Green Thumbs Up Inc. is led and owned by Fanny Obadia. Fanny and her team are dedicated to providing clients with a design that is unique to their style and their needs.
For more information about vertical gardening, or if you’d like to become a distributor, visit Green Thumbs Up, Inc. website, call us at (650) 575-3726, or email us at


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